Recreational and Select Coaches, Get Certified at Coaching Courses!

Now is the time to attend a coaching course and get certified for the spring season.  Attending a course will provide you with the information and practice activities you will need to improve your team and prepare them for the season.  In addition, you will also receive  a free one year subscription to SoccerROM, the internet based coaching resource site with hundreds of practice plans for all ages and levels.  To register, please go to the Coaches section at the brand new

Courses for Recreational coaches are free:

G Course- for U-6/U-8 Rec

F Course- for U-10/U-12 Rec

REC E Course- for U-14 Rec and up

Courses for Select coaches:

E Course- for U-10 Academy and up.  Cost $75

D Course- for U-13 Select and up.  Cost $125.


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