It’s an unusual sight to see: empty seats, no team flags being waved, no vendors, and no die-hard fans in face paint and team jerseys. Obviously, the current pandemic has also affected the sports world.  It is especially a strange site to see for Atlanta United because of their great fan base.

Stadiums make sports special

Seeing the recent news of Bayern Munich’s 1-0 UEFA Champions League win over Paris Saint Germain in a stadium with only players and staff was an odd sight to see. Watching them raise the trophy without their devoted fan somehow takes the magic out of it.  The fans in the stadium add color, excitement and energy to games that both the players and the fans at home need.

They affect a team’s mentality

From an athlete’s perspective, seeing and hearing thousands of fans in the stadium gets them pumped and gives them chills. Some players admit that they play to the crowd and don’t want to disappoint their fans.

No matter how many pre-recorded tracks of chants we hear in the stadiums or how many times we see monitors showing fans watching their team play, it can never match the intensity and atmosphere that a real stadium has. 


We all miss the atmosphere and energy of a packed stadium. Hopefully, we can soon witness and experience Mercedes Benz Stadium filled with screaming fans, dressed in red and black stripes cheering on their team.


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