UUJkPXDSCAES6GmkBbbFvTEZeQjPO1uCcXOmBBfsfxCfHN2oxyySEGqt5kyouj_RREWQwywq7HiHAWFPcMq6p3p48bs=s0-d TOURNAMENT ALERT: CAVA SOCCER 19 AND UNDER ELITE TOURNAMENT MAY OF 2012CAVA Soccer 19 and under Elite Tournament would be showcasing some top soccer teams talented young players. It will be played in May of 2012 and it will consist of some of the best 19 under teams from around the world going up against teams from around the United States. Coaches, Agents from around the world would get a chance to see the up coming future soccer players.

Fluminese FC & CA Paranaense Coaching and Players Camps and Clinics March 2012April 2012Tryouts is open for age 18 and up. Players need to know this so that it would allow them to know where there skill level is. These tryouts will take place doing the 19 under Elite Tournament.The clinics are for ages 10 and up this would allow the players to learn one of the world best style of play. And not to mention one of the best teams in the world. THESE TRYOUT ARE LIMITED SO YOU MUST HAVE EVERYTHING IN ADVANCE IN!

The CAVA Soccer have invited the top teams from countries across the globe to take part in our tournament. All rules will indeed recognize and apply FIFA rules and regulations for this sporting event.The tournament along with its camps and clinics will bring tremendous excitement, serious professional international soccer competition, cultural diversity, and extreme family fun to global and local communities. Professional soccer is recognized as the top sport around the world.Our goal at CAVA Soccer is to delivers a method to continue to underscore the universal appeal and excitement surrounding of international soccer.The CAVA Soccer 19 under Elite Tournament will bring together world class international youth soccer teams that have serious rivalries within the sport. These globally recognized teams and athletes have a following that continually increases with each game and tournament.

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