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Pity Martinez’s outstanding performance in the game against Nashville SC on August 23 showed that the star player is on par with the best players on the Atlanta United. He was definitely the best athlete on the field that day, showing Atlanta fans what they have wanted from him.

The 27-year-old Argentine built his career foundation around local teams and then eventually on Argentina’s top league, the Primera Division.  We saw the first touch swooned over by Atlanta United supporters who were happy to hear about his transfer back in January 2019. During this game, he was able to find the back of the net in superb fashion. His goal is no doubt an MLS Goal of the Season candidate or even winner. 

It’s been quite a frustrating season for Pity because he has not kept up to the club’s expectations. He only had five goals and nine assists in 2019, which for a player of his caliber is not enough. However, the rest of the season gives him the chance to play his cards right and get back into a winning rhythm. 

Fans are still hoping to see the superstar player that produced in River Plate, winning two Recopa Sudamericana, two Copa Argentina titles, two Copa Libertadores, and Suruga Bank Championship as well as the highly sought-after Supercopa Argentina. Since stepping foot in the United States, he hasn’t had the same glory that he’s had in the past, although he did score the game-winning goal in the US Open Cup Final against Minnesota United in 2019.

Still, Pity’s physical and mental talent gives us hope that he can produce for the club.  With the moniker given to him because of his lightning speed and deceptive ability to get past defenders in one-on-one situations, it is evident that he possesses the ability to perform on the field. Other than that, Pity has the creative vision and the knack for delivering the long ball to his fellow attackers, including newly signed Erick Torres. Possessing the ability to be a playmaker and finisher is a valuable skill to the team. 

We’re looking forward to seeing his game improve and for him to finally show us what we know he is capable of.  He has the ability to be on par with Josef Martinez and to help dominate the attacking line of the team.

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