ATLANTA, GEORGIA—Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo revealed the main reason he decided to return to Manchester United is due to the team’s former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.
Ronaldo, 36 said Ferguson has done a lot in his career and he considers him as his second father.
“As everybody knows, since I signed for Manchester [United] at 18, Sir Alex Ferguson was the key,” Ronaldo said.
“For me, Sir Alex Ferguson is like a father in football for me. He helped me a lot, he taught me many things, and in my opinion of course he had a big role because the relationship that we had, we keep in touch all the time, and he’s an unbelievable person,” Ronaldo added.
On Tuesday, Ronaldo signed a two-year deal to transfer to United from his current team Juventus.
In signing the deal, Ronaldo said his decision to return to United is due to his great love for the team who gave him many firsts in his professional soccer career.
“Manchester United is a club that has always had a special place in my heart, and I have been overwhelmed by all the messages I have received since the announcement on Friday. I cannot wait to play at Old Trafford in front of a full stadium and see all the fans again,” Ronaldo said.
“My first domestic League, my first Cup, my first call to the Portuguese National team, my first Champions League, my first Golden Boot, and my first Ballon d’Or, they were all born from this special connection between me and the Red Devils,” Ronaldo added.
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is very happy with Ronaldo’s decision to return to his old team since will be a huge addition to the team.
“You run out of words to describe Cristiano. He is not only a marvelous player but also a great human being. To have the desire and the ability to play at the top level for such a long period requires a very special person,” Solskjaer said.
“I do not doubt that he will continue to impress us all and his experience will be so vital for the younger players in the squad. Ronaldo’s return demonstrates the unique appeal of this club and I am delighted he is coming home to where it all started,” Solskjaer added.


By bob

A veteran soccer journalist who is an avid fan of Atlanta United and Lionel Messi.