Despite the end of a disappointing season, soccer for the United is not over yet. With the CONCACAF Champions League second leg happening in a few days, Atlanta United found themselves down 3-0 against a very good Club America team. 

Many fans see this tie as a win because coming back from three goals down is no easy feat. However, we all know that games and ties are not over until the final whistle. It may seem improbable, but it is certainly possible. Here’s how our team can come back against Club America:


There’s no way Atlanta United can make it if the defense continues to play the way they did this past season. Allowing any more goals after being down three goals makes the mountain more challenging to climb. The defense needs to be communicating more with one another and not have a lapse of concentration. Hopefully, since this is potentially the last game, our defense will find that extra spark to push through. The job will be a little bit more complicated with Brooks Lennon out to injury.


To come home victorious, Atlanta United need all the chances they can get. Being up 3-0 gives Club America security and confidence leading into the game, but that can all change if Atlanta United strikes first and strikes early. 

We need our attackers to believe in their ability. We need them to make runs and create opportunities for themselves to win this game. One of our major problems this season is the lack of clinical shooting. We can dominate possession and have the ball for most of the game, but putting it in the back of the net is a different story. To win this match, we have to create chances and just keep shooting. Eventually, one will go in, and that can give us the momentum we need. The boys, who have seemed to have left their shooting boots at home for most of the season, need to bring it now more than ever.


Being down 3-0 is a difficult challenge to overcome, and it can certainly be a psychological disadvantage. They are heading into the game as underdogs, but that can be used as added motivation to win the game.

This is a chance for the players to prove the doubters wrong. This is a chance to end a lackluster season on a high note. We hope all of the players have the belief that they can come back and win this game. Sometimes the mental game can make a difference, especially in tough situations. Belief will eventually translate into how the team plays. When they play together as one, they can be hard to stop. 

If Atlanta United pulls this off, it will definitely be a match for fans to remember. We are all behind our team!

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