The Community Shield is an annual match between the champions of the EPL and the winners of the FA Cup, though this tradition was only established twenty years into the fixture’s existence. The Shield was first played for in 1908-09 replacing the Sheriff of London Charity Shield that had been introduced in 1898-99.
The match is contested at the beginning of the following season. If a team wins The Double (both the Premier League and the FA Cup), then the Double winner plays the Premier League runner-up.
The Shield plays a major role for the FA in its efforts to raise funds for various charities throughout England. The sources for the funds include the net profits from admission tickets and sales of match day programs. Parts of the fund are distributed to clubs who participated in the First Round Proper of the FA Cup, who are then in turn asked to nominate a charity or community-based organization which will receive the clubs’ share of the fund. The remainder of the funds will then be donated to The FA Charity Partners.
The most recent Community Shield was played at Wembley Stadium between Manchester United and Portsmouth. This was the first time since 1996 that a team outside of the Big Four competed in the competition. Manchester United won 3-1 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in regular time.

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