93lKUBYNNRVmXQj1v3-lbjne209XVkVs5kgeW0flBqWMi__Mlrenjqv8jycZ5XI51JYFh3gXvE4BFLaEn_7-ASgdLy6cc3M7i8aNxewh2KP8=s0-d TOURNAMENT ALERT: GEORGIA EXPRESS FESTIVAL JOHNS CREEK, GEORGIAGeorgia Express Festival

Johns Creek, Georgia

U8 Pre-Academy-U14 Academy & Select

U8-U14 Recreational Divisions

May 11-12, 2013
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Welcome to the Georgia Express Festival in Johns Creek, Georgia!  
To view more information about the tournament and to register, please visit the tournament website by clicking here.  
Don’t miss this Tournament  . . . apply now if you haven’t already done so!
The tournament includes U8 Pre-Academy through U14 Select teams. We are also expanding the tournament to include U8-U14 Rec teams.  This is a great way to end your season.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, April 30.

Our photography partner Top Play Photography will be shooting action shots throughout the weekend.  They will also take family portraits to celebrate Mother’s Day and all of the tireless work that mothers do to make our soccer experience great at whatever club you are from.