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It was a sudden goodbye to Pity Martinez, who was with Atlanta United FC for nearly two years, but it was an offer that the club could not refuse. Two games prior to his last one, Pity registered his best contribution to the club’s score sheet, including an MLS Goal of the Year candidate. 

However, Pity was not able to maximize his potential in the MLS. He was a highly touted and hyped player, but his performance on the attacking line was overall subpar. When his opportunity to shine arose after Atlanta’s star Josef Martinez was sidelined, he failed to rise.

On the flip side, he played an excellent right-hand guy to the King, and he was instrumental in helping the club win two championships – though not the MLS Cup. It was a little surprising to see his new club pay $18 million, especially after his below-average performance in the MLS.


Pity and Josef Martinez were young when they came to the club and it seems that Atlanta United FC needs to be looking for promising players to be part of the team.

There are many options, but it seems Latin America has the most promising market. They can reach out to Jonathan Gonzalez, whom they initially failed to sign from Monterrey. Or, look internally for hopeful young homegrown talent as seen in one of our previous write-ups on players they could sign. 

To update that list, Thiago Almada is a promising young winger who is highly praised as the next Argentine star. The team could do the Miguel Almiron style and have him play for a few seasons, ensuring his development, and creating a win-win for both parties. 


This team is not just championship caliber this season, and fans know that. Lacking many of the key contributors to Atlanta United, which includes one of the best attacking forwards in the MLS in Josef Martinez, there is now a non-existent attacking display by the club. 

It’s definitely a time to focus and to rebuild. It’s time for one of the most successful front offices in the league to find players that can reinforce the club, and return to their dominating ways. 

Stephen Glass is not ready to head a team with high expectations yet, so there must be a concerted effort to find a replacement for Frank de Boer. 


It’s a pity he’s gone, but now it’s time to move on and look ahead. Atlanta United needs to finish the season on a high note and start the rebuilding process.

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